Gift Ideas

There are a couple of collections we're starting for Lexi... and I'll keep track of what she already has here:
(This is mostly for Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles, because they asked for a list, lol...)

Calico Critters (aka, Sylvania Family)
If you want to order her some much cheaper than you can get them in the US, go here: and search using this term: シルバニアファミリー
1500 yen is currently less than $15

Ebay is another good place to look, just search "sylvanian families"or "silvanian families"

Houses, Furniture and Vehicles:
1. Luxury Townhome

1. Outback Koala Family

1. Melissa & Melody's Baby Bath Time
2. The Norwood Twins (Sister Nellie & Brother Norman)
3. Baby Carry Case with baby deer on slide
4. Baby Carry Case with baby grey and white bunny in bouncer
5. Baby Carry Case with baby cream bunny on rocking horse
6. Baby Chihuahuas (one awake, one sleeping)

Disney Animators' Collection Mini Dolls
Go to and search "Animators mini"

1. Anna
2. Elsa
3. Jasmine
4. Ariel
5. Cinderella

American Girl Doll

1. 2015 Girl of the Year: Grace
2. Grace's Welcome Gifts
3. Grace's French Bulldog
4. American Girl Chicago Store shirt (for doll)

Other Ideas:
Lego Products are always welcome, one can never have enough when it comes to Lego :)

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